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Le 13/1/21

Le 7/12/20

Le 14/10/20

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Le 28/9/20

Le 27/10/16

Octobre 2016, séjour entre amis.
Bon accueil, Gîte très propre et fonctionnel, les proprios sont gentils et accueillants.
Le gîte offre de nombreuses possibilités en fonction de vos goûts (nature, ballade, visite, pêche, cheval...)
Je recommande .

Jeremy T.
Le 28/3/15

Mon épouse qui ne connaissait pas votre gite a été positivement et agréablement surprise de votre aménagement. Elle est tombée sous le charme de cette petite ballade reposante (...) en carriole,de votre environnement et de votre région.Je ne vous parle pas des éloges qu'elle m'a fait à votre sujet! Celà vaut à juste titre quatre "barreaux d'honneur" sur l'échelle d'acceuil.
Et comme on dit chez nous : Ch'ti qui veut s'arposer et vir ot'cosse que du beton do s'armuer à aller àmo Isabelle et Jean Marie.
(Traduction pour ceux qui ne comprennent pas le patois du Nord: Celui qui veut se reposer et voir autre chose que du béton doit se presser d'aller chez Isabelle et Jean Marie)
Une adresse a marquer au fer rouge sur le livret des "bons coins"
Avis aux amateurs.

Nadine et Jacques R
Le 18/12/13

J'ai passé , avec mon fils , un très agréable séjour . Un grand BRAVO pour la construction et l'aménagement de votre gite que je conseille à tous les amoureux de la nature, du grand air et du calme.
MERCI encore pour votre accueil chaleureux et votre convivialité.
Je ne manquerai pas de revenir vous voir au temps meilleur pour taquiner avec amour et passion le goujon...le brochet et les autres.
Amis lecteurs : n'hésitez pas à rendre une visite au gite ardennais. Parole de locataire c'est vraiment un endroit à découvrir.

Jacques et Thomas- Les ch'tis
Le 13/10/13

Dear Isabelle
We had a lovely stay in your apartment, and the chocolates are superb, thank-you so much.

I noticed that you do not have a visitor book, for helpful comments - so you may wish to use this quote, on your website - or future publicity? I have used Google Translate to translate this - I hope that the very positive review of your Gite is not lost in translation.

"The apartment is in easy distance of Charleville Meziere and Sedan, a perfect situtation to tour the borders of France and Belgium. We would suggest that you spend a day (as we did) following the meandering River Meuse and discovering lovely villages, and ancient towns such as Dinant, with its very impressive Citadel. For a 'city fix' Luxembourg is in easy reach - and we took advantage of a guided walking tour from the Tourism Office to learn much about this impressive place. We also used the park and ride, which I would highly recommend - driving in the centre of the city is daunting to say the least!
On one day we went to Verdun (and were very moved by the memorial of all those young French men, and English, Canadian and German who lost thier lives there. The forests still very much show the imprint of the dreadful battles that waged for 300 days. From Verdun we visited Reims - and having been to Notre Dame (Paris) and Rouen Cathedral, Reims Cathedral is by far the best, and the most awe inspiring. The Chargill window is manifique! During our stay we also discovered spots that the tourist might not automatically gravitate too - but small towns and villages were a great find. For instance we chanced upon the town / village of Vierves-sur-Viroin with its steep cobbled streets and a mightly climb to the war memorial, which gave us a wonderful panoramic view of the Valley.
Isabelle and her husband (sorry - we did not discover his name) are wonderfully welcoming, and the mixture of their animals - big black dogs, a skittish Alsation (type dog) along with six or so horses, a few cats who were wary of us visitors and what seemed to be a tame domesticated rabbit running free in the garden(? ) added to the charm.
The apartment (Gite) is perfectly equipped, with a good kitchen and nice lounge area. I was quite surprised to find it above the stables (and would have liked to have know whether there was a smoke alarm, in case of fire?) I have horses, so to live above them was not a problem, for us - but if I was unaccoustomed to horses, then I might have found the accommodation a little daunting - maybe it needs to be a bit more clearer in the publicity?
Having said that - it did not worry us at all - and the horses loved me and my never ending supply of mints, and I was very proud to have become a friend of the rather nervous Chestnut!

Gite de saint Blae is a special place - I hope that others enjoy it as much as we did"

Best wishes Isabelle - and I perhaps add me as a friend on face book - and you will see a photograph of me riding a horse, who looks just like the Chestnut - I had him on trial - and sent him back to his owner at the end of last Spring - because he was just a bit too young and inexperienced for me - but he was a lovely horse - still looking for a good home - shall I send him your way?
Corinne xx

Corine Matthews

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